We will bring you to the most beautiful gardens in the world!

We are specialists in garden and cultural trips to exciting destinations all over the world.

Since 1995, Linnea Reiser has organized green cultural trips. We have specialist expertise in tailor-made, exciting and content-rich group trips all over the world all year round. Variety and quality are central and in focus.

The love of gardens

Beautiful cultivated gardens, but also magnificent nature, is something both we ourselves and those who travel with us appreciate!


Linnea Reiser is like a tree that has taken root: Almost 30 years of experience has given us a wide network of contacts and knowledge of the best gardens and places!

Our customers

Those who travel with us are primarily active adults between the ages of 30 and 80. Everyone may not have a garden themselves, but the love of what sprouts and grows is often something we have in common.

The stories

The gardens we visit, the people you meet, the hotels where we spend the night and the places where we drink tea and coffee are handpicked to give you memories for a lifetime.


What makes a journey a Linnea-journey?

We travel in smaller groups and visit specially selected places. We don’t rush from attraction to attraction, but take our time to smell the flowers, hear the birds chirping, admire the butterflies and let the bumble bees whiz by in the world’s most beautiful gardens! This is combined with pleasant food stops and accommodation in particularly beautiful environments.

we can also offer

Tailor-made travel

We have the option to adapt private group trips for groups of 15 people and upwards. We will agree on a budget and what the trip should include. We then use our unique knowledge and large contact network to tailor the best trip for the group. You can decide for yourself how involved you want to be in designing the journey and the details.

We have the option of creating a separate website for the presentation of the trip, which is private for the group. (which can also be protected with a password) We can take care of registration of orders and invoicing – or provide you with ready-made travel specifications if you wish to present the trip and bill the travel companions yourself.

We take care of bookings, confirmations and payments to airlines, hotels and other services -so that you only need to relate with us.

Linnea Reiser are specialists in garden trips, but we can also adapt trips to focus on: «food and wine», «castle and manor», «art and culture»

Be assured as a customer

You are safe when you choose Linnea Reiser

Linnea Reiser is a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund. The purpose of the fund is to ensure that consumers who have purchased a package tour from the fund’s members will not suffer financial loss and/or be stranded at the destination if the company that sold the package tour goes bankrupt.
This means that the enterprise/company must provide a travel guarantee and pay an annual fee to both the Travel Guarantee Fund and the Complaints Board for package tours.

Linnea Reiser handles your personal data in a secure manner. We do not sell names or contact details to other parties for advertising or other services. Only the most necessary is shared with, for example, hotels, restaurants and airlines. – such as your name and any dietary requirements.

We use recognized financial systems and our banking services are handled by Norwegian banks.

Contact Us

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